Foursquare: Site Maintenance resulted in some Twitter spam!

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

If you are motivated to check-in to Foursquare to earn badges, you might be upset to hear that Twitter spam had gotten through.

 The Next Web had wrote – “Users are experiencing the highs and lows of sudden badge achievements being tweeted out”. Some of the badges had already been earned, and after checking their accounts found the badges had been deleted.

Foursquare’s database software maintenance Tuesday night and problems with the site and app might have contributed to the issues. Their latest status update as of 6:19 PT Wednesday, reads: “Some users are experiencing trouble with badges”, and that they’re “working on a fix right now”.

Foursquare is not sure how many accounts have been affected, as tweet complaints keep on coming. The site has recently announced its 10 millionth member, so it’s probably in their best interest to solve this problem fast before it becomes too annoying.

This issue may put Foursquare into the frying pan for a few days! So check back as often as possible and we will post an update as soon we hear!

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