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Phones now come with an alter-ego, like a SUPER HERO!

As the mild mannered Phone runs into the dark alley, Out of nowhere comes a spandex-clad tablet charging at you!

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Groupon + Live Nation = Great ticket prices

GrouponLive is a new collaboration that offers access to limited-time deals on tickets to a variety of events across North America. Concerts, Sports events, theatre and art show tickets are going to be sold to local events through Ticketmaster, which was bought by Live Nation in 2009.

The new site hopefully will be ready by the summer concert season. Sign up at GrouponLive to be notified when the site launches.

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Is T-Mobile going to carry iPhone?

While readying the launch of the White iPhone 4, rumors have been brewing of T-Mobile now offering up the iPhone. The rumors were posted courtesy of an April 23 Boy Genius Report posting with images of an alleged iPhone prototype displaying T-Mobile USA 3G bands.

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White iPhone 4 is coming!

Apple has begun preparing retail launch of the very-anticipated White iPhone 4 models.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple’s U.S-based retail stores began receiving promotional information overnight that features the white iPhone 4, expected to launch for both Verizon and AT&T subscribers “within the next week.”

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Flash for the iPhone?

Not at this point!

Adobe is no longer investing in iPhone-based Flash development“, Adobe principal product manager Mike Chambers wrote in a blog post.

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Is the White iPhone 4 a myth?

After numerous releases of the White iPhone 4 have been pushed-back, many people aren’t sure if it’s real.

The 16GB White iPhone 4 has been spotted, by a British Vodafone UK customer who was accidently shown the device, rang it-up, and denied the sale. Even though the sale was cancelled the customer had enough time to take some pictures.

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Google defends phone location data

Phone companies have been bombarded with complaints and questions of their not-very-talked about practices of collecting data from customers. While Apple is remaining silent, Google’s spokeman stands by the statement that “Data collected is only used for a better mobile experience”. He also covers the fact that any user can control the data by changing the data collection and sharing settings of the phone.

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JOYSTICK-IT for the Android and iPad
The best accessory for tablet gaming ever, the JOYSTICK-IT!

Whether you want a retro gaming experience, or just don’t like the virtual controls, which are not that fun to use, you are going to love this joystick. With a look and feel of a real arcade joystick, you can stick it to your devices’ screen, right over the virtual controls.

JOYSTICK-IT might not be the only joystick accessories out-there, but I think it’s the front-runner. You can hold this joystick and make accurate movements in your game.

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Super Bowl XVL Commercials featuring apps

Apps featured in Super Bowl XLV

As I was watching the Super Bowl last night, I was noticing the growing number of ads featuring or totally about applications. We have put together a review of those commercials.

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