3 NEW Tablets to take on the iPad!

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Sony Announced Wednesday, August 31, 2011 two new tablets to take on the iPad!

I’ve been waiting since CES to see the new Tablet S from Sony, and now that we find out it will be released in later Sept. we also find it has spawned a funky cousin that folds in half.

The new Sony Tablet P, resembling a few of the Nintendo models, comes with two 5.5-inch displays, and when folded up can easily fit in your pocket, which will be released later this year.

Both Sony tablets “come complete with access to a full suite of Sony’s network entertainment services,” the company says, including being “the first PlayStation Certified tablets that provide out-of-the-box gaming”.

Sony is aiming to be near the top of tablet market, and might just make it there, with these two tablets.

Sony Tablet S – in depth

 • It has a 9.4-inch touchscreen display, NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor, weighs 1.33 pounds
 • Has both a “Face focus VGA camera (front)” and 5-megapixel rear camera.
 • Comes with microUSB interface, standard SD slot and 1 GB memory
 • It will ship with Android 3.1 (“Honeycomb,” designed for tablets), but be upgradable to 3.2.
 • The sloped design is slightly different than that of the iPad’s. “Unlike other tablet devices, Sony Tablet S device has an ergonomic, asymmetric design which allows it to be easily held or carried for long periods of time,” the company says. “The unique form factor shifts the device’s weight closer to your palm, making it feel lighter and more comfortable while reading an e-book or watching a video.”

Cost: Starts at $499 for 16 GB, WI-Fi only version; $599 for 32 GB, Wi-FI only model
Release date: Mid to late Sept.
Networks: AT&T, Verizon

Sony Tablet P – in depth

 •It has two 5.5-inch displays and can “easily fit into a pocket, purse or backpack,” Sony says.
 •It weighs “about .83 pounds,” Sony says, and uses the NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor and in addition to Wi-Fi, will be 4G “capable exclusively on AT&T’s mobile broandband network.”
 •The P will have many of the same features as the S; rear- and front-facing cameras, microUSB interface, standard SD slot. It is expected to ship with Android 3.2.
 •Why the two screens? For you multitaskers who want to be “playing video on one screen while using the other as a controller or reading email on one screen while using the other as a virtual keyboard,” Sony says. “The displays can also be combined to form a single large screen for Internet browsing and more. By holding the device vertically, you can also read eBooks much in the same manner you would a physical book.”

Cost: No available yet
Release date: Nov.
Networks: AT&T, Verizon

Then there’s the HTC Jetstream!

One “pretty cool tablet” that gives you the “first iteration of the HTC Sense” phone user interface in a tablet.

With a stunning 10.1-inch HD display, your photos, movies, work, and games will look great. Take those photos with the rear-facing, or the new front-facing cameras.

HTC Jetstream – in depth

 •10.1-inch HD display
 •It will use Android 3.1, or Honeycomb, OS.
 •The Jetstream has a Snapdragon 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, rear-facing 8 MP camera and front-facing 1.3 MP camera, and there is a dual LED flash.

Cost: $699.99 with a new two-year contract – AT&T’s pricing needs to be studied very closely.
Release date: Sept. 4
Networks: AT&T

All three tablets are going to give the iPad some competition. How much, will be determined, but I am pretty sure they will offer new options and better functionality which opens up more choices down the road.
Even if you’re an iFan, check out these new tablets anyway. You might find a totally tubular tablet man!

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