A new case for iPad 2 is out!

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

If you would like your iPad 2 to be more like a laptop, You’re in luck!

Well many would say a netbook, I think just the applications alone make it more than a netbook. Applications or not you can surf the web, type out documents, and edit photos. Doing all of this, sometimes requires to prop-up your iPad. There are a number of first-gen. iPad cases that are available.

ClamCase has created a little product that is specific for the iPad 2. This means there are cutouts in the case’s shell which expose the back camera and built-in iPAd speakers as well as integrated magnets which will let your iPad 2 know whether the case is open or closed.

It’s the perfect addition to your iPad 2, if you want a physical keyboard, a means of holding-up your iPad 2, and protection, not from dropping, but it prevents scratches and dings.

I would recommend this case to everyone. It is a great means for transporting, your precious device.

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