Apps featured in Super Bowl XVL ads

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Apps featured in Super Bowl XLV
As I was watching the Super Bowl last night, I was noticing the growing number of ads featuring or totally about applications. If you are happy The Packers won the game congrats, if you were cheering for the Steelers, there’s always next year to wave your terrible towels.

Now for the ads, there are always the strong front runners of Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Chevy, Doritos, and there are a few growing strength like Go Daddy Co. ETRADE, Kia, and Volkswagen. Slice in new Movie Trailers like THOR, Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides and Cowboys & Aliens. The newest category has to be given to the app, as there were commercials for mobile devices and applications.

Within the first quarter, one commercial caught my attention that was featuring an app related to the website They have created an app that is pretty essential to the process of purchasing and leasing any automobile.

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Will I am is a claymation character in a commercial for I want to mention this because during the commercial he is holding a mobile device that looks like a phone and is accessing It is possibly just an internet browser, but would be a great app.

Also in the first half there was a commercial featuring the Xoom from Motorola. In a similar commercial to Apples 1984 Super Bowl ad, Motorola features A singular, man that is in colored clothes is in an ocean of white boring suites. With a creative idea and his XOOM he realizes that he can impress a cute, white suite girl. With his Xoom he takes a picture of flowers, then animates a stick figure handing the bouquet to the girl stick figure. I am pretty sure it worked because she smiled.

Tablets are all the rage right now and I am looking forward to using the Xoom. For some time there have been leaks about the upcoming release. For the most accurate date I can give you is Feb. 14 of 2011. It is an Android device that will run the New HoneyComb OS that supports Adobe Flash, with a duel-core 1GHz Processor. Receive faster speed and a video playback that displays 1080p HD. It is available for 3G and upgradable to 4G. It is one sleek looking tablet and has more features that are really cool looking like a front and rear facing cameras. I have done a lot of research and would recommend checking out what is in store for the MOTOROLA XOOM.

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Early in the third quarter Groupon graced the screen with a great commercial not very straight to the point, and confusing. Featuring Timothy Hutton asking, Do you like food? Get the best food in your area and get a great deal with the coupons that are sent to you daily. Perfect. Well I am paraphrasing it was a commercial about mountainous Tibet and they’re in trouble so receive coupons to eat at Tibetan restaurants. It was a really wierd choice for an ad for the Super Bowl.

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Late in the fourth the creators of Ice Age got in on the action with an advertisement for their upcoming movie Rio. A bird that can’t fly, but he can dance and can dance like crazy, to overcome incredible odds. This is perfect timing for Rovio since they have a new release of Angry Birds Rio set for March. The new version comes with 30 new levels of pig castles to demolish. I hope you were looking hard at this commercial because there’s a code hiding in the 30 second run time. If you can make out the code it will unlock special levels in the original version of Angry Birds.
The team at Rovio has been working hard on the issue of fragmentation. Dianne Hackborn, a Google Android programmer had posted a blog whom has remarked “Fragmentation for All”. I understand it to be that Angry Birds Rio will be able to run on any device, Tablets to phones, big or small, new or old.

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Lastly I would tell you that Verizon got in on the hype with 2 commercials late in the game. If anyone doesn’t know that Verizon now carries the iPhone, they possibly need an iPhone to prop up the rock they are under.

I had a great time watching the game, Hope you did too. Now enjoy reading the application reviews we have put together do to Super Bowl XLV ads.

Looking forward to next year!

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