Google defends data stance, Android Store Data, Android Factory Reset

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  • Google defends data stance
  • Android Store Data
  • Android Factory Reset

    Phone companies have been bombarded with complaints and questions of their not-very-talked about practices of collecting data from customers. While Apple is remaining silent, Google’s spokeman stands by the statement that “Data collected is only used for a better mobile experience”. He also covers the fact that any user can control the data by changing the data collection and sharing settings of the phone.

    The preset defaults are set to use your location data as your mobile device requires location services for many of its pre-loaded apps, such as maps. The location data is collected every few seconds and sent to the company several times an hour.

    Google further commented that any location data sent back to Google is anonymous, or for better words non-traceable. The Wall Street Journal has run many tests debunking this theory. Tests of the Android phones showed the transmissions included a unique ID that is tied to the phone. Google again states this ID is associated with location and not with other user information.

    Don’t worry too much. You can change this number also, by performing a “factory reset” of your device, which deletes the data.

    Google continuously defends their stance on the matter, and no response at all from Apple.

    Either collect or not collect, I would love to see exactly how they explain it provides a better experience, because I must be missing out on something extraordinary.

    The information superhighway goes both ways and we keep forgetting that. Any information that is collected is going to be used eventually.

    We have to ask ourselves in what capacity are they using it.

    For more direction on the default settings, and “factory reset” please search for: mobile device factory reset, or: change my mobile device settings

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