Griffin’s HELO TC Remote-Control Helicopter

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Griffin’s HELO TC Remote-Control Helicopter for the iPhone, iPod and iPad     

Griffin’s HELO TC Remote-Control Helicopter, fun for the whole family!

For purchasing a ($50.00) toy, I am very impressed with this combination of Helicopter and App. With a light-weight, metal frame and black plastic it has a very cool, appealing look. Under the Black Plastic are the gears and electronics to handle several features: power, charging, lighting and of course flying. The four rotor blades, are free swinging and are topped with a balancing bar.

It’s obvious that Griffin’s HELO TC Remote-Control Helicopter is a cool toy, the sharp-looking HELO TC application lets you control throttle (and elevation) on the left with swipe gestures, and then steer the copter with either tilt or virtual joystick controls; it also features an emergency button to gracefully land, a recording feature that remembers “flight plans” for automatic repetition, and three IR channels to support multiple copters flying in the same area at once.

Along with the Helicopter, you receive a charging cord, flight deck and replacement blades. The flight deck sends infrared signals to the copter through four lights on top of the deck, battery compartment 4(AAA) is on the bottom of the deck. You can hook the flight deck to the iDevice and plug the cord into the headphone jack, and turn the volume of the iDevice to 100%, works with iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.

Helo TC Helicopter
Helo TC Helicopter accessories
Helo TC Helicopter flying

Griffin’s HELO TC Remote-Control Helicopter has about 8 min. of good flying time, and about 35 min. charging time, which is a lot less than other chargeable copters. Just plug the connector into the copter and then you can use any USB port on any computer or any USB charger.

I love this toy and think it will become popular with kids and geeks everywhere.

Get out there and buy the Helo TC Remote-Control Helicopter today, and you’ll be flying by tomorrow!

Purchase it here.

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