Groupon teams-up with Live Nation

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

GrouponLive is a new collaboration that offers access to limited-time deals on tickets to a variety of events across North America. Concerts, Sports events, theatre and art show tickets are going to be sold to local events through Ticketmaster, which was bought by Live Nation in 2009.

The new site hopefully will be ready by the summer concert season. Sign up at GrouponLive to be notified when the site launches.

With deal sites popping-up everywhere, the competition between these companies will continue to increase and in turn, you will receive more money-saving deals than ever before.

I would like to know if they are going to release a schedule of tickets offered, or if you have to check-in periodically. Either way they go about it, it will provide stuff to do, with a great deals. And we all could use that right about now.

Keep looking for the release date of GouponLive and I will too. I will post it as soon as I hear it.

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