iPhone 5 rumors and release date!

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Recent rumors of an iPhone 5 prototype found in a bar.

These rumors were shot down and said to be a hoax. It smacks of the iPhone 4 prototype rumors. When I heard that, I have to question, all of the rumors about the iPhone device.

I have done some research and here are the 3 most important rumors lingering about.

The first would be the name: There’s no word yet on the actual name. The previous release of the 3G and then the next production to go by 3GS, could indicate a 4S.

The second is when is the launch date: October 24 is looming to be the earliest release as some rumors of Best Buy sending out messages of meetings for managers of upcoming BIG release dates.

The third is which carriers will offer the new iPhone: Verizon or Sprint’s 4G network is not an option, but it is possible to see improved speeds in certain T-Mobile and AT&T markets, even if it isn’t a 4G phone.

With all the carriers in the running to offer the new device we can speculate that you can take the option to purchase the cheaper alternative 8GB iPhone 4, a few months after the new devices launch.

As there is a newly leaked photo posted on 9to5Mac, Apple will not comment if it is authentic, as they never do. It shows workers tinkering on what looks to be the iPhone displays. As it is hard to make out which iPhone that’s in front of them, we can only assume.

For the information we know, there’s twice as much that we don’t. The rumors keep persisting on and on and on!

The industry watch-dogs are rumoring that there will be a Thinner body, Better resolution, 8-megapixel camera, Faster processor, Near-field communication e-wallet, “Cloud phone”, Dual-mode, and a Larger, Curved screen.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Thinner body? The next iPhone is not only “thinner and lighter” but is more challenging to mass-produce because of its size according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s probably a 50/50 chance of this

  • Bigger screen? This fits the idea of a new body, as the alleged 4-inch screen would need a redesigned casing.

  • Curved screen? It is speculated that there will be a curved screen similar to Samsung-built Nexus S. If it is, the curvature won’t even be noticed.

  • Better resolution? The current 3.5 inch screen has a resolution of 960×640. That would be more than sufficient for a new 4-inch screen. If you consider the HTC Evo 3D has a 4.3 inch screen of 960×540 res.

  • 8-megapixel camera? This is the most talked about upgrade. And with no reason for this not to happen, it will keep Apple at the top of the phone-camera game.

  • Faster processor? Hopefully the A5 duel-core processor, that’s currently in the iPad 2, will replace the A4 single-core processor.

  • Near-field communication e-wallet? The idea to pay for things with the swipe of a phone, is not yet an iPhone feature, as the Nexus S is Google’s flagship NFC phone. iTunes already is a successful payment system, which is more than Google can say.

  • Duel-mode? or >World phone? The new device might come with a new cellular network chip probably from Qualcomm. This will give Verizon (and, if available, Sprint) iPhones the chance to run on Europe and Asia’s networks.

  • “Cloud” phone? With the idea of a cheap “cloud iPhone” that has almost no internal storage, and runs everything out of the cloud, is non-sense. It contradicts the idea of being cheap and that all iPhones are cloud iPhones.

The rumors will keep coming and we will diligently watch, as they’re confirmed or denied, so check back soon!

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