iPhone 5 to be released in 2011?

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Not likely!

The industries analysts and journalists alike, are speculating that Apple will hold off on launching an iPhone handset that supports LTE until sometime in 2012, with any handset that launches in 2011 to likely be an updated version of the iPhone 4.

While Verizon is holding the #1 spot in the faster network speeds like LTE, AT&T will take a year or 2 to catch up to Verizon’s LTE deployment. Not to be topped in the speed department, AT&T recently demoed its LTE offering speeds of nearly 30 Mbps downstream, that is double of Verizon’s 15 Mbps in LTE covered areas.

As the carriers race to get the 4G data speeds up and running for the their customers, all of the wireless carriers have been battling to secure the wireless frequencies and intellectual property necessary to roll out LTE across the nation. As AT&T is working to close its deal to purchase T-Mobile for nearly $40 million, they are claiming that the purchase is necessary to secure the wireless frequencies and bandwidth to support their national 4G LTE push. The Canadian manufacturer Nortel announced that a number of its patents had implications in the 4G market, and the U.S. Department of Justice expressed that it had concerns over Apple’s interest in these and other patents.

So for the next released handset, which most likely will be the iPhone 4S, will probably launch sometime in September or October. We might see an updated camera, possibly a faster processor and perhaps a larger display. Apple has not commented on the iPhone 5, LTE roll out, or the next handset release, which is nothing new, since they don’t comment early on anything.

So again, keep checking back and we will let you know, what we hear about the iPhone 5!

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