N-word ends up in an app?

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

The new updated version of Picture Effect Magic, uses the racial slur as a name for an effect, which was updated on a post: June 10, 2011.

After the update was pushed out, users of this app, noticed the ignorant slur and brought it to the attention of the local media, and started posting negative reviews about the app in the App Store. The developer “lin xuehua” has released a statement “Feel so sorry to have expression mistake,New Version coming soon” and that “is simply situation of translation error”.

If that is the case, I would think we need a system to proof read every applications translation. It would be a large task to take on, since we would need to test every update, but obviously it is needed!

Picture Effect Magic lists the possible photo effects, “54 N****r-brown, pops up, and if you select this effect it gives the image a brownish tint. In the list it is near other similar effects that make the image purple, blue or warm.

There is no reassuring comment to make to close out this article, I guess we the people must police the applications that we download. So keep your eyes open and look for the inappropriate use of language, and make your voice heard, because I am listening!

images depict:

Picture Effect Magic app icon

image with effects applied

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