No iPhone 5, just a 4S!

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Let’s Talk iPhone” for the iPad and iPhone

Oct. 4, 2011 will always hold a sour taste in my mouth as I felt Apple is rotten!

Apple decided to enforce a no live-stream approach for the “Let’s talk iPhone.” event yesterday. So I was forced to follow 3 Live Blogs to get the most current information. I found spotty live coverage and it felt odd that there was so much focus on other products – since the keynote title is “Let’s Talk iPhone”. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone 4S will have some amazing upgrades with industry leading technology.

The fact that the new phone is a 4S, must be the biggest let-down, along with half of the iPhone 5: rumors and release date!  With the same size, no curved screen, there’s no change in the phones appearance. On the other hand, I think their delivery with, design always first – know-how, had made a good impression.

The Event was held at Cupertino, which holds Apples history of the past ten years, so you can imagine this keynote is important to set the pace for Apple’s CEO – Tim Cook.

Cupertino, on Apple’s Campus

After a five minute warning from Apple that the “Event is about to begin”, the newly appointed CEO, took to the stage introduced himself and took it to the next level, with a brief company history, a glimpse into the awesomeness of Apple in China, number of stores (357 and growing) and goes into a lot of statistics, of Apple products. Discussing OS X Lion and statistics, Mac Book Air, and company numbers, you really get a-sense of honesty as he is telling everyone in the room Apples percentage of the market for each product and their intension of growth with quality great-looking devices.

Apple’s new CEO – Tim Cook

After discussing the iPod he goes over iPad 2 and the pilot testing of the iPad in schools and Fortune 500 companies. The “iPad is the undisputed top selling tablet in the world”. With sales of 250,000 Million thanks to the iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple’s taking it to the next level!

Scott Forstall takes over and discusses iOS market percentages, number of apps sold, actual payments to developers and the application Cards. Scott then recaps the top features of iOS 5 which includes Notification center, iMessage, AirPlay, Twitter Integration, Newsstand, the new camera with editing, tabbed browsing, Swipe to inbox and Game discovery.

Scott Forstall describing Twitter Integration

Eddy Cue comes out and talks about iCloud, some really cool functions and the ability to buy more storage. Announces another app Find My Friends , iTunes Match and the millions of songs in Apples library which cost $24.99/month. Both iTunes Match and iCloud have a release date of Oct. 12.

Eddy Cue explaining new features

At this point the audience is privy to an iCloud commercial, that’s said to bring strong emotions.

Now, to the good stuff the products!

Phil Schiller is on stage and first explains the updates to the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, The iPhone 4S portion is accompanied by a short but awesome preview of Infinity Blade 2, that’s presented by Epic Games president – Mike Capps. “We’re going to show you visuals that you’ve never seen on a mobile device.” Also announces that Infinity Blade II will be available Dec. 1st.

Infinity Blade II preview

Phil comes back and goes more in-depth about the new iPhone 4S, which comes with an A5 Dual core processor, a reasonable battery life, an improved antenna, compares speeds to other carriers offering 4G coverage. The World Phone which comes with GSM and CDMA. A very beefed up Camera that sports faster, brighter pictures, an 8 megapixel sensor, 5 element lens, macro photos and 1080P HD video recording with image stabilization.

Features of the new Camera

The Dictation of Siri is quite amazing and appears to live along-side apps you probably already have. The tech is multi-functional, as it understands context, has a dictionary partnered with Wolfram Alpha and if you ask the question. “Who are you?” Siri answers, “I am your humble assistant.” Phil wraps-up the iPhone 4S with a list of pricing for the 16GB, 32GB, the newly added 64GB the release which is Oct. 14th pre-order the 7th “And for the first time… iPhone on Sprint.”

Phil Schiller featuring Siri

CEO Tim Cook comes back on stage and reviews the days’ announcements.

If I were to review, my review of yesterdays’ announcements – to much talk about other products, numbers blah, blah, Apple in China is awesome, more blah, Cards, iPhone 4S with a beefed up Camera and rich game play in Infinity Blade II

Thanks to another S version, I will continue to keep my eyes on any iPhone 5 rumors, updates or news – check back soon!

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