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Phones now come with an alter-ego, like a SUPER HERO!

As the mild mannered Phone runs into the dark alley, Out of nowhere comes a spandex-clad tablet charging at you!

Asus has a new smartphone/tablet hybrid. As we have seen Sprints version on television for a few months now, Asus is now unveiling their device at Taiwan’s Computex tradeshow. Arming their employees with a display version of the 4.3-inch smartphone that symbiotically docks with the 10.1-inch tablet, you can test out the devices unique experience.

The details have not been released yet of all the stats on the hybrid, but we do know that the apps transfer between the devices; shares one SIM card; users can enlarge screen sizes.

If you need more from your computing counterparts try using both phone and tablet separately, With full capabilities of each.
If that still doesn’t impress you, dock the phone in back of the tablet as it acts as a battery charger.

Asus’ new Padfone that crosses into both categories is pretty cool, so if you don’t want a huge phone to put up-to your ears – for phone calls. Or you can’t read the tiny type on the little phone screen, the new Asus Padfone will be perfect for you.

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