Steve Jobs unveils iCloud and iOS 5

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icloud for iPhone and iPad
Briefly gracing the stage Steve Jobs unveils iCloud: The new answer for syncing all your iOS devices. “Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy” he said. “We have a solution … we’re going to move the center of your digital life into the cloud.” More than “a hard disk in the sky.” iCloud is “all free,” says Jobs. iTunes in the Cloud is available in beta today.

We here at have been waiting for this software to oversee all iOS devices and make life that much easier. Manage your digital life wirelessly, as all your content is stored and wirelessly pushes to all your devices, and sharing is allowed. For Mail, new messages are pushed to all devices, inbox kept up to date and “no ads”. Apps will sync via purchase history, so you can download them all over. Future purchases can be sent to all iDevices. iBooks syncs across all devices, too.

If replacing your phone: Wireless backup of your previous device is ready for download. On any new device enter in your ID and password, and everything in the iCloud is downloaded. Backup purchased music, apps, books, camera roll, devices settiings and app data.

3 new amazing applications:

iWork – Create a doc in iWork and it stores in the cloud and pushes to all devices. Downloads documents in background: looks and feels like it’s a local file.

Photo Stream – Syncs your photos all through devices, and even Apple TV. Take a photo anywhere, and view it on all other devices. There are some limitations, though, such as the fact that photos are only stored in the cloud for 30 days.

iTunes in the Cloud – New Purchased tab in iTunes store lets you play songs you already bought. When purchasing new music, it downloads to all of your iOS devices.

With iTunes Match – Scan your collection, matches and upgrades to 256Kbps AAC files. This costs $24.99, but as Jobs says, it’s competitive, when compared to Amazon’s pricing. (Google hasn’t announced pricing).

As Scott Forstall, VP of iOS engineering, came out, he talks about everything iOS 5. With this major release you will see more than 200 new features, including new messaging service, integrated Twitter, PC-free use and a much better camera. iOS 5 will ship this fall, and supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2, and don’t forget the iPod Touch the latest two gens.

Some of the top features:

Notification Center – A single place that combines all notifications, by swiping your finger down from the top. Uh, a lot like Android.
Improved lock screen – Notification details appear on it. Swipe finger across the particular message to drop straight into that app. Text message? Swipe and you go right into the conversation.
Newsstand – Dynamic newspaper and magazine delivery system.
Twitter – Single sign-on, configured for Twitter for all apps you download from the App Store. You’re logged in, and don’t need to log in every time. As expected, you can Tweet photos right from Camera; also pages from Safari, maps from Map app, videos from YouTube, etc.
Mobile Safari – Safari Reader gives smarter views of stories, such as single page scroll for multiple-page stories; better page emailing. Reading List is a way to save stories you want to read, synced across Safari on Mac and Windows and all your iOS devices.
Reminders – Set up reminders, not just on time, but on place: “Remind me to call wife when I leave campus.” As soon as you wander off, your notification appears.
Camera – Access from the lock screen, even if you have a passcode. You can now take pictures using the Volume Up button. Red-eye remove, crop and other edits right on the phone. Auto-focus lock for taking pics of squirrelly kids.
Mail updates – Indents, address dragging, flagging, searching entire contents of messages, swipe to inbox. Split keyboard for iPad.
PC Free – “We’re living in the post-PC world.” Customers want iPad as only device. Ready to go out of the box. Software updates are over the air, so you don’t have to plug in. And now updates will be smaller: you’ll just download what changes. And in apps, you can create and delete calendars, edit photos etc., all without a computer.
Games – More downloads, support for turn-based games. 50 million Game Center users.
iMessage – New messaging across all iOS 5 users: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (but apparently not Mac). You can send text, photos, video, and create groups. You can even get delivery receipts. Pushed to all devices. Works with Wi-Fi-only devices. Encrypted over-the-air. Even has an IM-style conversation mode, where you see when someone’s typing.
Other features – Wi-Fi sync to iTunes, AirPlay mirroring for wireless TV viewing of content. New multitouch gestures, so you can flick between apps

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