T-Mobile + White iPhone =?

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

While readying the launch of the White iPhone 4, rumors have been brewing of T-Mobile now offering up the iPhone. The rumors were posted courtesy of an April 23 Boy Genius Report posting with images of an alleged iPhone prototype displaying T-Mobile USA 3G bands.

Its model number is N94, were the standard GSM variant is N90. The thought is, the device is most likely a test for the new T-Mobile-friendly radio, to be integrated into future devices. For this moment, T-Mobile denies the iPhone will appear on its network anytime soon. They are however, target of a $39 billion acquisition by AT&T. Approval from government regulators pending, as competitors disapprove of the massive deal.

As for now only two carriers in the U.S. market offer the best selling smartphone, although T-Mobile customers in Germany can purchase the iPhone and run the device on their network. Analysts have been frowning upon this acquisition and its potential effect on competition, as it will take out a major pricing competitor in a much larger market than Germany.

The iPhone can bring substantial business on multiple carriers, as Verizon Wireless has reported some 2 million iPhone activations. It’s estimated to be around 78 percent were upgrades and the remainder 22 percent were new customers.

Well either AT&T or Verizon, get ready for the long line outside of the stores on April 27, as the White iPhone 4 hits the shelves. I think it will be a good turn-out, since this thing has been hyped-up so much. I would actually like to go and stand in this line, possibly for the rare 32GB White iPhone 4. If it’s anything like a concert ticket line or anime convention waiting line it might be fun.

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