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Telepods for iPhone and iPad


Teleport your characters into the app games!

Telepods brings the interactive experience to a new level as you can import action figures into Angry Birds Star Wars II and Angry Birds Stella.
At any time swap-out a character in the app with your favorite Angry Birds Star Wars and Stella Telepods action figure.

Teleport characters into the games by using the devices front-view camera to scan the QR code on the bottom of each action figure. Snap your characters onto the base that is included, it acts as a magnifying glass.

Telepods action figures are not the only way to access 30+ of your favorite finchy Star Wars pigs and birds you can make an in-app purchase for most characters. You get a better value with Telepods and you will have a toy to play with, as the in-app purchases are pretty expensive.

Feel like playing? Real-life playing?
Set-up your action figures, pull-back the slingshot and watch the excitement of the actual real-life Angry Birds Star Wars.
How cool is that? Hold them, in-app play with them or anything you can think of.

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods action figures Angry Birds Stella Telepods action figures

30+ Characters and the sets they come in:

Angry Birds Star Wars
    • Jedi Luke – Star Destroyer, 2 Pack
    • Padme – Star Destroyer
    • Captain Panaka – Star Destroyer
    • Anakin Episode I – Star Destroyer, 2 Pack
    • Jedi Youngling – Star Destroyer
    • Qui-Gon Jinn – Multi Pack
    • Anakin Episode II – Multi Pack, Duel Count Dooku, 2 Pack
    • Yoda – Multi Pack, 2 Pack
    • X-Wing Luke – Death Star, 2 Pack
    • Mace Windu – Battle on Genosis, 2 Pack
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi – Bounty Hunters, 2 Pack
    • Endor Luke – Endor, 2 Pack
    • Chewbacca – Darth Vader Case
    • C-3PO – 2 Pack Princess
    • Leia – 2 Pack
    • Jar Jar Binks – 2 Pack
    • Han Solo – 2 Pack
    • R2-D2 – 2 Pack

And the pigs…
    • Darth Sidious – Star Destroyer, Multi Pack, 2 Pack
    • Stormtrooper – Star Destroyer, 2 Pack
    • Darth Vader – Star Destroyer
    • Droideka – Star Destroyer
    • Zam Wesell – Star Destroyer
    • Darth Maul – Multi Pack
    • General Grievious, – Multi Pack, 2 Pack
    • TIE Fighter Pilot – Death Star
    • Battle Droid – Battle on Genosis
    • Jango Fett – Bounty Hunters
    • Boba Fett – 2 Pack
    • Count Dooku – Duel Count Dooku
    • Biker Scout- Endor
    • Anakin Episode III – 2 Pack

Telepods toys for iPhone and iPad


Telepods action figures

Angry Birds Stella
    • Stella
    • Willow
    • Poppy
    • Luca
    • Dahlia
    • Gale
    • Piggies

Telepods toys for iPhone and iPad


Telepods action figures

Both iOS and Android devices can be used.

iPhone – 4, 4S and 5
iPad – 2 and 3
iPad – 4 and Mini (Wi-Fi only)
iPod Touch – 4th and 5th Generation

Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and 10
Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Asus PadFone/PadStation
HTC EVO 4G, Optimus G Pro and HTC One X
Huawei Ascend P6
LG Swift L5 and Vu Motorola Milestone 2, Xoom 2, Droid Razr and Razr Maxx HD
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace Plus, Note, Note II, S2, S3, S4, TAb 7.7, and Tab 2 10.1in

Note: Telepods DO NOT work with Angry Birds Star Wars.

Bite into the Pork Side or take flight on the Bird Side!
Remember you can only use the teleported character once per level, and you can only use pigs on the Pork Side levels and Birds on the Bird Side levels.

Telepods are a very cool way to feel the finchy force, you must collect them all young padawan.

Coming next – Angry Birds GO!

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