White iPhone 4 – White iPhone 5 coming soon?

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

After numerous releases of the White iPhone 4 have been pushed-back, many people aren’t sure if it’s real. WELL iT iS!

The 16GB White iPhone 4 has been spotted, by a British Vodafone UK customer who was accidently shown the device, rang it-up, and denied the sale. Even though the sale was cancelled the customer had enough time to take some pictures. (to view images follow the link below)

The news had everyone excited but needed some research. Engadget then steps-in and compared the model number shown in the pictures to an in-house UK iPhone 4 and came away convinced the White phone was the real deal.

As the excitement was boiling more searching on the subject revealed, 9 to 5 Mac received word from its own tipster that Dutch retailer BelCompany would begin selling 16GB White iPhones next Wednesday. In an unconfirmed BelCompany memo, it is said that “a limited number of retail stores will receive a single 32GB White iPhone. Now that’s what I am talking about, I want one!

For those smartphone users that are in the UK, who are the lucky ones, had better get up early Wednesday morning – the memo goes on to say, when their first batch is sold-out, it will take 4 to 5 weeks to get any more.

On the other side of the pond here in the United States, it is not yet known when to expect to see the Great White Hype, of the White iPhone 4. If you contact Verizon or AT&T and find-out any new information, we all will be waiting for the good news.

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