Wi-Fli Helicopter

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 Wi-Fli RC Helicopter for the Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad     

Wi-Fli RC Helicopter

Pilot the Wi-Fli Helicopter, with Android, iPhone and iPad.
Interactive Toy Concepts has a combination of a hobby-grade RC Helicopter and App. Fly anywhere with a very sturdy metal/plastic frame and a plastic body, that can be repaired it’s very durable.

The helicopter comes with a very sturdy metal/plastic frame and a plastic body, that can be repaired, it’s very durable. You get a very stable flight and take off, you will master quickly, and landing comes pretty natural.

For roughly $80.00, you can’t go wrong.

The Wi-Fli Helicopter is different than other helicopters, as to the internal WiFi.
With a secure WiFi connection you can control the helicopter with any android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod with a FREE app.
It’s very simple, just look in the settings of your device and select the WiFi address that is on the bottom of the helicopter.

After a full charge, turn on the helicopter and open the application, you will be prompted to connect. After the connection is made the app will display controls for throttle and steering. You do have an option of D-Pad or accelerometer.
I will go over this in more detail in the review of WiFli Control.

Wi-Fli Helicopter

Control the skies or the living room!
Wi-Fli RC Helicopter flies with precise control that you can master in a living room or of you need more space, go outside, but be aware of the wind and the distance between the helicopter and your device, which is probably the same as any commercial-grade router.

  With a tested area of about 60 feet, I never came into any danger of losing control, but near the end of the helicopters battery life, it will keep the last command and not respond to the control device. The battery life is displayed on the screen but I was normally watching the helicopter. A friend with the same helicopter was about 25 feet in the air outside and unable to control the helicopter and cut the throttle for it to slam to the ground and break off only one landing bar.

That is only a testament to the durability of this hobby-grade helicopter.

Wi-Fli Control
Wi-Fli Helicopter
Wi-Fli Helicopter and accessories
Wi-Fli Helicopter package

A full description of the Wi-Fli Helicopter!

  • App: WiFli Control – android, iPhone, iPad and iPod

  • WiFi Connection: You will find a 7 digit code at the bottom of the body of the helicopter. When in your device’s settings connect to the WiFi displaying that code.

  • Size: length – 12”, height – 5 ¾”, Main Rotor diameter – 11 ¾“

  • Weight: 10 ozs.

  • Durable Construction: A frame of metal and thin plastic, houses an internal WiFi Hotspot and the rechargeable battery, with a plastic body shell. The power ON/OFF switch is on the left side and the charge connector is on the right side.
  Atop the body are 2 sets of hinged rotor blades, with a centrifugal bar atop the rotors, which is the true secret to its stability and how these tiny helicopters can be easily flown. It remains perfectly horizontal at all times, so when the helicopter is pitched forward, as this bar adjusts back to the horizontal it changes the angle of attack on the rotors, which in turn produces forward thrust. It’s brilliantly clever and simple, and you’ll find this system used on pretty much every single flying toy that has some level of basic control.
  If the hinged rotor blades are damaged during flight, or an unavoidable crash there are 4 replacement blades with extra screws and 2 extra rotor stabilizer.
  A tail boom of metal tubes and a smaller plastic propeller atop a fixed wing at the tip which serves to steer the helicopter, makes it easy to turn left, right forward and backward. The small propeller comes with a replacement, should it be damaged. You will find the antenna taped under the tail boom.

  • Range: approximately 60’

  • Battery: 3.7 lithium battery, rechargeable via USB cable and a computer. First plug the 2 USB connectors into your computer then plug the cord into the right side of the helicopter (make sure it is off).

  • Charge time: 30 to 35 min., first time is around 45 min. to an hour.

  • Flight time: approximately 10 to 12 min.

  • ON/OFF Switch: Located on the left side of the helicopter. Power is indicated with a light under the nose of the copter. After turning ON, let the WiFi Hotspot set-up – about 20 sec.

  • Age Range: 10+

The Wi-Fli Helicopter is the perfect indoor/outdoor hobby-grade helicopter for a new pilot, to veteran enthusiasts. You do need to adjust the trim a bit if you notice the helicopter rotates in one direction. You should be able to take off straight up and hoover in one direction

Purchase the Wi-FLi Helicopter or @ Target, WalMart, Toys R Us.
And download the WiFLi Control application for FREE.

Pros: Well Built, Durable, Hinged Propellers, Use android, or any iDevice, Stable Flight, Easy to learn

Cons: Needs battery alert, To fly outdoors must be no wind or breeze.

Strap on your pilot helmet and grab your WiFi device, connect to the Wi-Fli Helicopter and you’re flying!

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