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Foursquare for the Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Windows Phone

Foursquare, It’s like Twitter on GPS steroids, for Restaurants, Coffee, Shopping, Fun and Nightlife!

Well you could say it is Like Twitter, as you can message friends, and share photos And you can see where they are at the same time..
You can even see who is near you, get insider tips from friends, and receive discounts from businesses that offer Foursquare freebies.
Earn points and badges for doing the things you love.

A new version release updated personalized recommendations. Just tap the new Explore tab, and you will be able to see recommendations based on where you go, what your friends do. The whole foursquare community can show their likes.
Find the best places to eat, get coffee and go out for the evening with the help from actual reviews from other users.

In Foursquare Check-out the whole new Leaderboard, and earn the Gym Rat badge, or compete with friends, (who can get to the most new places in a week). There’s a new point system to reflect more of the things you’re proud of, like going out with friends or trying out a new restaurant in the neighborhood.

Use the Apple Watch to find places nearby, search for Food, Coffee and Nightlife, receive alerts and quickly find outwhat’s best when you get there. View the Name, Rating, Kind of Food, Price Range and distance (in feet), read reviews, look at pictures and more.
Foursquare app on the Apple Watch

Look through the new History Tab to view a list of recent places you’ve been and rate them. Access Citymapper for an interactive map to find your way, or search places nearby.

Foursquare for the Android, iPad iPhone, Apple Watch and Windows Phone Foursquare for the Android, iPad, iPhone, AppleWatch and Windows Phone Foursquare for the Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Windows Phone

Foursquare app on the Apple Watch

Forsquare features:

    • Discover the best restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more
    • Search around you
    • Save places for later
    • Read millions of short reviews
    • View pictures of dishes
    • Personalize the app
    • Leave insider tips at places you visit
    • Apple Watch

The biggest and best change. More and more types of Specials. With over 7 million users, earning a mayorship is pretty hard now.
So they have created six new ways for businesses to reward your loyalty.

New places and deals updated regularly.

Install Foursquare very cool social networking app and get squared!

Android – please check Google Play

Windows Phone – Look in the Windows Store

iPhone –

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