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Glympse for the Android, iPad and iPhone  Glympse - Free location share application - Glympse Inc. 

Glympse – Free location share application!

Glympse securely shares your location with anyone!

View your friends and family’s location in real-time or send them your location with Glympse – Free location share application. Send a Glympse to anyone you wish, as a SMS message. It will even support other devices and earlier iOS versions, to domestic US numbers. If you receive a Glympse on your device, click the Glympse link in the message to see the person’s current location in a web page. The webpage provides an option to launch the application and automatically show the person’s location, optionally their speed, a message, a destination, and their ETA.

Use Glympse for a few min or hours! You can send a Glympse to anyone for however long you would like. Send a Glympse to someone you would like to meet up with. Or make it simple to find someone without having to ask for directions. If you are running this app in the background to send continuous GPS location it will use battery life very quickly.
If you would like conserve your battery, send a Glympse for a specific amount of time, you can always extend the time or expire the sharing.

Glympse for the Android, iPad and iPhone Glympse for the Android, iPad and iPhone Glympse for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Glympse makes it quick to update your favorite people!
Sending a Glympse to one person all the time? Add them to your favorites and you can send them updates in 2 clicks. Check your History to select the people you would like to add to your favorites. While in History your able to view by days the amount of time shared with others, broken-down by contact, Faceboook and Twitter.

Use Facebook and Twitter to login to Glympse! If you have a Facebook or Titter account you can login to your accounts under “Settings”. Then add Facebook and/or Twitter when you send a Glympse to share your live location with your friends.

Install Glympse the simple and private location sharing app today!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Glympse - Free location share application - Glympse Inc.

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