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Google earth for the Android, iPhone and iPad     Google Earth - Google

The Google experience on the computer, is now available on your mobile device. I think this app is one of the coolest out there, for you can see all corners of the earth.

Have a geography test to study for, just need navigational directions or you just want to pretend you work for the CIA and need a satellite image of a specific terrain, it is all possible with this app.

If you’re not sure where to start, type in place you are looking for with the search that is indicated as a magnifying glass in the upper-left corner of your screen. A compass in the upper-right corner will give you a view of true north of the area you are looking at. The target site in the lower-left corner will zoom in to your current location. The i in the lower-right corner will take you to the options screen, which you can control the appearance of the maps with places, businesses, Panaramic photos, Wikipedia, borders & labels and oceans. Use the my maps account, my maps, to save your important maps. You can also control position, auto tilt, show terrain, clear history, clear cache, and provides a help section that will explain the entire app.

You control the direction of the map by touching the screen with 2 fingers and moving in a rotating motion, clockwise or counter-clockwise. Want to see more of an angle, tilt the device to see the elevation of that area. You are also able to zoom-in with placing 2 fingers on the screen close together and spreading them apart. As you zoom-in view country borders, state lines, down to county names and lines, and shows state names, city names and points of interest near that city. You can also zoom-out by touching the screen with 2 fingers from the outer edge and bring them together, towards the center.

I recommend downloading this amazing app, and earth it up or down, or rotate, or zoom…

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Google Earth - Google

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