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Programmers sharing with programmers?

As for now it’s a bit boring. With most programmers sharing about the Google+ experience.
I have to mention, Google+ is in the development stage and not yet available to everyone. You will need an invitation to sign in. I think it will take on a new lively-hood as it is released to everyone and you’re able to fill in your circles.

To explain the Circles a little better – group people together, and easily share with the right people. Add or delete people in your circles to keep them organized.

There’s also a Stream – get the lowdown on things nearby, from the friends and family in your circles.

Automatic Instant Uploads – Uploads videos and photos to your own private album in the cloud, to make sharing a snap.

Get in the Huddle – message everyone in your circles super-fast.

Google+ on mobile devices really keeps you current with your circles, and sharing has never been easier. It will be on the top of Social Media as it is released, and probably stay there for a long time. You have more control over the content on your page, than any other social site.

We all want to know what everyone is doing. The newest and greatest thing. You get all of this and more with Google+.

Install Google+ if you get the invite!

Android – Please look in Google Play

iPhone –
Google+ - Google

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