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Hashable for the Android, iPad and iPhone   Hashable Mobile - Hashable, Inc.

Do you ever forget names? Hashable will save and remember everyone you meet!

There’s no need to try to remember your connections with anyone, anymore. This amazing app easily manages all of your important relationships on your mobile device or desktop.

Just “Hash’em”

When you ‘hash’ someone, you’re keeping track of your relationship with that person – all your meetings, lunches, calls, etc. All you need is an email address or twitter handle – they don’t need to be using the service themselves. Your devices address book will be integrated. You can still send them virtual business cards, or follow-up messages.


Find everyone later – Where and when are stored automatically, so you can easily search for your contacts on your device or on your profile at hashable.com.

Set reminders and private notes – Keep your relationships current by setting follow-up reminders for any contact.
1. Get reminders via your calendar or email.
2. See all of your upcoming follow-up reminders in one view – your hashable to-do list.

See relationship histories – As you use Hashable, you can view a scrollable history of everything you’ve done with anyone in your network. You can even search and filter through your activity and people from our website.

Hashable for the Android, iPad and iPhoneHashable for the Android, iPad and iPhoneHashable for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Near-Field Communication (NFC) – You can now hash people you meet by simply putting your NFC-enabled phones back-to-back – no typing! Use it to exchange business cards virtually or to check-in with people you know.

Install this app and just “Hash’em”!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Hashable Mobile - Hashable, Inc.

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