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Moviefone for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Moviefone - Movies, Theaters, Showtimes and News from Hollywood - AOL

Do you want movie information at your fingertips? Well you’re in luck, AOL has wrapped up Moviefone to deliver you a new movie app for everything movie!

Select from a menu of Movies, Upcoming, Theaters, Trailers, and News, as you search theaters near your current location. View more trailers and get more movie information. After searching the multiple categories and you make a selection, find your way with the maps and directions to theaters.

Moviefone has gone social! You can invite friends to a movie, post a movie with comments to your wall and see how many people “like” that new movie.

With over 300,000 movies in their immense database and thousands of photos and movie trailers.

Download the Moviefone app and stay current with everything movie with your fone!

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Download Here

iPhone, iPad and iPod
Moviefone - Movies, Theaters, Showtimes and News from Hollywood - AOL

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