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SketchBook Mobile for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Create a masterpiece on your mobile device!

Now you can create art anywhere, with SketchBook Mobile. Get creative with professional-grade paint and drawing app that delivers tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

Work on your art in full-screen view with on demand UI (User Interface), that can let you get up-close by zooming in 25000%. Control the finest details of your art with brush customization, Steady Stroke, Dynamic Symmetry, Synthetic Pressure Sensitivity and custom canvas size.

Layers and Layers of awesome!
SketchBook Mobile has 12 layers that can be merged, duplicated and reordered. Import from the Photo Library or take a photo, move them around, scale and rotate layers interactively using Multi-Touch gestures. Layer visibility and opacity can be adjusted and blended with Multiply, Add, Screen and Normal.
Preserve Transparency Mode lets you paint only areas where paint already exists.
The maximum size will be determined by screen resolution.

Store and save your work. The Gallery offers the ability to store and view work in progress. Export images to your local storage, Dropbox or Email even as a layered file (PSD). Print canvases right from the Gallery.

The colors are up to you.
With a Color Wheel that has HSB and RBG color space, you can customize Color Swatches or use the Copic Color Library.

With SketchBook Mobile you can use one of the 65 preset brushes including flood fill, pencils, pens and markers for easy control. The new Brushes like Felt tip pen, Ball Point Pen, Smudge, Chisel Tip and the Rough Pencil as well as a selection of adjustable texture brushes will be perfect for any image.
Customize your brushes for the perfect stroke, as you adjust brush radius, opacity, rotation and more. Swipe to the left on the Brushes Palette for access to the additional page.
The Steady Stroke is great for more predictability and control over your strokes.

SketchBook Mobile for the Android, iPad and iPhone SketchBook Mobile for the Android, iPad and iPhone SketchBook Mobile for the Android, iPad and iPhone

SketchBook Mobile features:

   • Full-Screen work space
   • 25000% Zoom
   • 65 Preset Brushes
   • Customize Brushes
   • Steady Stroke
   • Dynamic Symmetry
   • Custom Canvas Sizes
   • Synthetic Pressure Sensitivity
   • 12 Layers
   • Gallery – Save to Library, Dropbox or Export Layered file (PSD) to Local Storage, Email or Print
   • Pen only Mode – Android devices with Pens
   • iCloud support – iPhone and iPad ONLY

SketchBook Mobile has it all!
Multi-Touch Interface is perfect for navigating. Use 2 fingers for panning around the image or zoom up to 25000%. Touch input will be recognized by all the Tools, Panels and menus.
Android devices with pens are able to draw with the pen only, pressure sensitivity without recognizing touch input.

Duo Sketch brings a connection to artists alike. Create works with other artist as you connect, draw together on one canvas and exchange messages.

Download the SketchBook Mobile app today!

Android – Please look in Google Play

iPhone –

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