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Songify for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Songify - Khush Inc. 

Songify, is song-riffic!

Turn speech into music, with this fun app Songify!

You can automatically create music, right on your device. It’s easy and fun. Just speak into your device and Songify does the rest.

Songify is the most advanced song creation app.

With a simple recording, this application creates music.
Record anything and double up your voice, auto-tune and repeat your words to create an entire song. Only 3 words, it will work. Try it!

The more emotion and range you put into your recording the better the song will turn out. It is really interesting that way, to where the song will sound different person to person, this emphasizes their catch phrase “Turn speech into music”.

Choose a different style to play in the background of your recording. The entire song will be different and rearrange the elements to go along with the style selected. So with one recording you can end up with multiple song versions.

Some of the styles come with the app are, Deluge, Hotlanta and Double Rainbow, and there are many more that you must in-app purchase.

Some of the background music is load: keep your voice at a high volume when recording.
Another good tip: Record in a quit place, so your words are clear.

Share your newly created music!

After you have Songify’d your voice, share it with the world.
Your song will automatically upload to the list of Recent, on the Winning! page.
You can view songs created by other users on the Winning! page, by Top and Recent, which show the number of stars and length of song, just tap one and listen to the song.
Share your music with everyone and directly from the app, Email, Facebook or Twitter that new hit to everyone.

SongifySongify appSongify music app

Create a new hit like:

    • Bed Intruder
    • Can’t Hug Every Cat
    • Double Rainbow
    • Winning
    • …and many more

Record on Songify and edit the song into some video!

If you’re feeling up-to it, make a music video.

After you make a song, with Songify, save that file to your computer and edit it into a video. I have been told it is easy to add this file type to Windows Live Movie Maker.
So if you have Windows Live Movie Maker program, load any video file and add your Songify file.
You can save your video as a .wmv or .wlmp and publish your new video to YouTube or Facebook, SkyDrive, Windows Live Group, Flikr or anywhere you would like, by adding a new plugin.
I am sure there are other video editing programs that can be used also.

Songify is for any age!

Parents can control access to the Winning! page via lock feature. Just tap the account button on the Winning! page for password protection.
This is a great feature to allow children use of the app, without content of other Songify users.

There’s alot to listen too. Most is harmless, but there are songs with explicit lyrics.

Install Songify now, and create a new hit today!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –
Songify - Khush Inc.

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