The Art of Rap

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The Art of Rap for the Android, iPad and iPhone     The Art of Rap - Pure Solo Ltd. 

The Art of Rap

Something from Nothing, The Art of Rap!

Everyone thinks they can rap. So PUT-UP or SHUT-UP!

I have friends, that say they can Rap. They normally end up saying “I just need the instrumental version of the song”, “I need the right beat”.
WELL NOW YOU GOT IT. Record, mix and share from your own pocket studio.

Create something from nothing with The Art of Rap!

The Art of Rap app gives you free bets to create your own flow! Just like in the movie The Art of Rap. Use the actual movie poster using Augmented Reality to unlock a free beat.
Record your vocals (singing or rapping), over beats or a classic Hip Hop track.
Record yourself over well-known Hip-Hop covers from the store like Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, MC Lite and 2Pac. You can get as creative as your imagination allows.

Once your vocals are finished mix your track for your very own demo. You can create as many different mixes as you want.

Those who Rap, need to be heard!

With The Art of Rap, you can share your voice, with the masses. Share directly to Facebook and Twitter and on The Art of Rap website. Or save an MP3 to your computer.

You can create profile for all your demos – record online at and make a video or check out for more Hip-Hop tracks.
Look through other users profiles and there demos. You can always rate there performance.

For the best results, you really should plug in your headphones. Just like the professionals, it’s better to hear yourself clearly when singing or dear I say rapping.

The Art of Rap comes with 6 free beats and the one that you can unlock. If you want more variety, you can purchase other songs and beats right from the app. Or you can always visit for more tracks.

The Art of Rap for the Android, iPad and iPhoneThe Art of Rap listen pageThe Art of Rap

Look over the features:

   • Free Beats
   • Well-Known Artist: Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, MC Lite and 2Pac
   • Record, Mix, Listen, Share
   • Create multiple mixes
   • Share directly to Facebook and Twitter and on
   • Create your own profile
   • Check out and listen to other users and rate their flow
   • Take a Studio with you everywhere you go

If you wanted an outlet for your creativity or just want to past the time. Get The Art of Rap and you might just amaze your-self, and find a new talent.

You can find more info about The Art of Rap movie from in the app.

Note: To record the best demo, use your headphones.

Install The Art of Rap and watch the film today!

Android – Please check in Google Play

iPhone –
The Art of Rap - Pure Solo Ltd.

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