WiFli Control

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WiFli Control for Android, iPad and iPhone     Wifli Control - Interactive Toy Concepts (HK) Ltd. 

WiFli Control

Fly the Wi-Fli Helicopter from any android or iDevice with WiFli Control.

Interactive Toy Concepts created a simple app and a secure connection to control the Wi-Fli Helicopter.
With similar controls to other helicopter apps, WiFli Control gives you a throttle and joystick. Trim adjustments and a directional pointer.
Along with those features there’s another setting that you can to your liking. In the bottom/center of the screen you’re able to change from thumb joystick controls to use the accelerometer. This is a very simple way to learn how to control the helicopter in flight. As you take-off, hold the device perfectly flat, and still, increase the throttle as needed and tilt forward left or right and backwards.

WiFli Control connects on its own network!
After you turn on the helicopter and the WiFi is ready to connect. With any android, iPhone, iPad and iPod change your device settings to the WiFi Connection of the helicopter. You will find the WiFi Network ID under the body of the helicopter. Once connected you start the app, which then will require another connection to be established between the Wi-Fli Helicopter and the WiFli Control app.

With a secure connection to its own network you can fly with up-to 12 others in the same area and not interfere with each other.

Keep an eye on the battery level on the upper/right corner of the screen. With a full charge of the helicopter, you can fly about 10 to 12 minutes. If the helicopter battery dies during flight it will keep the last command and not respond to the WiFli Control app.

Control the Skies and the living room!
This app is very easy to learn, with a very simple UI (User Interface) of background clouds and the controls, you and children the age of 10 and older will be flying in minutes.
The app recommends that you turn the airplane mode on, so incoming calls don’t interrupt your flying.

Turn on the helicopter, connect your device to the WiFi, connect the app to the helicopter.

You will want to trim the helicopter first. If the helicopter turns left during flight, trim to the right. If helicopter turns right during flight, trim the helicopter left.

That’s all it takes and your ready to fly!

Purchase the Wi-Fli Helicopter.

Install the FREE app, WiFli Control and pilot with any android, iPhone, iPod and iPad!

android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Wifli Control - Interactive Toy Concepts (HK) Ltd.

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