Big Bang Movie Booth

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Big Bang Movie Booth for the Android     

Big Bang Movie Booth

Add Special FX to your mobile device videos!

The lights are set, the actors are ready and ACTION!

Record right from the application and add Special FX to the video.
Shoot a missile at any target, Cars smash everything in sight, Cameraman END, Shotgun Killer are just some of the crazy FX you can add.

Your film will need a director, cameraman, editor and marketer!

Now with an app such as this you can do everything needed on your mobile device.
Direct the talent for your scene, then film your actors, edit in the select special FX and send your finished film to your friends or post it on a social media site.

You can make any video more entertaining when you add in Special FX

Bing Bang Movie Booth now comes with Sound FX, so you can add more emotion, more drama to a scene.

Big Bang Movie Booth app for Android

Big Bang Movie Booth

Big Bang Movie Booth app

Check out these features:

   • Film from the app
   • Add Sound FX
   • Add Special FX:
      o Missile
      o Gun, shotgun shots
      o Air Attack
      o Car Smash
      o Money Fall
      o Cameraman END
      o Sexy Slap!
      o Shotgun Killer!

Big Bang Movie Booth is perfect for adding Special FX to video.
Now everyone can make a film.
You just need to shoot video, add the Special FX to your film and share it with your friends.

Install Big Bang Movie Booth now, ACTION!

Android – Please look in Google Play

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