Bobsled Messaging

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Bobsled Messaging for the Android     

Bobsled Messaging

1 person or every1! Free group and individual messages, all around the world!

Bobsled Messaging is an all-in-one, messaging application that allows users to send and receive individual and group messages worldwide from their mobile phone, tablet, and computer.
Bobsled is the easy way to bring friends together, across devices, social networks and carriers.

Look over what Bobsled Messaging offers

  • Keep everyone connected. Access your phone’s contacts and create groups regardless of carrier or device. Group members can reply to the entire group.

  • Leave no one behind. Unlike other services your friends do not need to download the app to be part of the conversation. Send group and individual messages to capable feature phones, smartphones, and most Android™ tablets.

  • Free your text messages. Send and receive multimedia texts from your computer and Android™ devices – all your messages are in-sync.

  • No additional cost. Bobsled-to-Bobsled messaging is available worldwide, always free, and no messaging plan is required to text a mobile number if you have a data connection. Data and message rates may apply.Bobsled includes Messaging and Calling applications. Go to to learn more. To start texting from the web login to

Please note: Data and message rates may apply.

Bobsled Messaging app for the AndroidBobsled MessagingBobsled Messaging app

Bobsled Messaging features:

    • Free: message your Bobsled friends and groups. Data and message rates may apply
    • Open to Everyone: Create groups with friends and families who don’t have the app or smart phone.
    • Device Synchronization: Real time access and synchronization across compatible devices (phone, tablet, and web).
    • All-in-One Multimedia Messaging App. Period.
    • Compatible with most tablets.

You could say this app could keep you in-touch with everyone at once, so jump on!

Install Bobsled Messaging today, and keep your contacts organized!

Android – Look in Google Play

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