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Circuitry for the Android    

Live Wallpaper with beautiful circuitry!

Spice-up your wallpaper, with this unique live wallpaper designed with passion for Android devices, Circuitry.

Clean and simple circuit shapes designed in beautiful style is supported on any screen size.

With a beautiful textured background, watch circuits come-to-life and form a living electronic lifeform.
Every selection will reset the animation of the wallpaper.

Circuitry is a modern feeling live wallpaper, with smooth and slow movement that is pleasant to the eye and not distracting. Choose from Theme presets or customize settings to match your personal style.

Circuitry for Android

Select options in Circuitry Settings for your customization.
Choose General with Recycle or Clean Start – Style with Color Theme, Circuit Color, Background Color, Texture, Shade, Shadows – Advanced with Density and Curvature.

Circuitry app Circuitry for Android Circuitry app for Android

Circuitry features:

    • Unique Live Wallpaper
    • Clean and simple circuit shapes
    • Non-distracting
    • Smooth and slow movement
    • New beautiful style of circuitry
    • Additional graphic settings
    • Theme presets
    • Behavior settings
    • Fits any size screen

Check out the additional graphic settings and the behavior settings to get the most-out of Circuitry.

Install the electrifying Circuitry today!

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