Family Guy Live Wallpaper

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Family Guy Live Wallpaper for the Android    

Family Guy on your Android!

Family Guy Live Wallpaper app brings to life your favorite dysfunctional family, wherever you go. You can even select a Christmas theme for a festive Family Guy.

Enjoy a live wallpaper view of the family in the house. Tap each character to hear a preview of their most famous quips. Select from a list for each of the family.

You can also purchase the full length individual tones, a single family member’s tones or unlock ever tone available.

The latest and filthiest Family Guy Live Wallpaper app has arrived. Presented to you by me, Stewie Griffin. That’s right people I’m taking over the world one cell phone at a time.

Family Guy Live Wallpaper app

Let’s have an honest dialogue with each other. You already bring your phone everywhere you go, toilet included. What better way to pass the time then with my dysfunctional family.

Quickly now, download the app before you drop that shiny new phone composed of plastic, lead and various rare earth minerals into the commode

Family Guy Live Wallpaper app Family Guy Live Wallpaper app Family Guy Live Wallpaper app

Family Guy Live Wallpaper features:

    • Family Guy wherever you go
    • Tap family members to hear funny quips
    • Dress family in Christmas or Valentine’s theme
    • Purchase full ringtones individually, a single family member or every ringtone

Get the live wallpaper with your favorite animated family. Whenever you look at your Android mobile device you see the family moving about the house.

Install the Family Guy Live Wallpaper app now!

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