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MusicFX for the Android    

Unlock Android’s Equalizer.. access more audio effects for android devices!

NXP Software B.V. has taken care of the #1 pressing issue for music on mobile devices, Making Music Sound Better in a 3D experience!

LifeVibes MusicFX brings the music to life with unlocking audio effects on Android devices with the MusicFX control panel (for Android 2.3 als known as Gingerbread and beyond), with Bass Boost and Equalizer.

After installation, you are able to find the control panel under the “sound effects” menu item in the Android Music Player. Open the control panel and select to turn LifeVibes MusicFX on/off, Choose between Equalizer presets or user defined. Determine how much bass boost for headphones sounds good for you, and add the 3D effect for headphones, both are measures with a slide bar. If you aren’t sure what sounds good any more, start over and reset to default settings.

The Equalizer is supporting a rich set of presets which you can choose from: Classical, Dance, Rock, Pop and so on. If your more in-tuned ear can make up better selections use the slide bars to set the 5-band user selectable equalization.

MusicFX for the AndroidMusicFX for the Android

MusicFX has been created as a natural extension of the Android Player, but can be used with other media players that support the new Android control panel inserts.

Download Android’s breakthrough music experience in 3D!

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