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My Log Home iDLW for the Android  

Enjoy the amazing and soothing atmosphere of My Log Home 3D interactive live wallpaper of a log cabin situated in wild nature with a view of the mountains.
The detail is beautiful and crisp, with a wilderness touch.

The interaction of My Log Home iLWP is amazing. Smooth animations, interactive items and with the automatic weather with the seasons it makes it feel alive.

You can also spice-up each scene with Lens flare, Vignette and more. Give the cabin a personal touch, and use images from your photo gallery to place into the scene. Choose a national flag and select a color mode like black/white, sepia and more.
You will be able to see the full effect after viewing all 7 camera views and 3 different versions of textures for optimization.

My Log Home iLWP is compatible with tablets in wide screen mode as well as portrait, which makes it easier to find the hidden objects, particles of dust, sparks, snow and other animations.

My Log Home iLWP for the Android

Not only is My Log Cabin iLWP great to look at, you can use some of the functions for everyday use.
Tap the notepad on the wall and take notes. A functional calendar, digital and analog clocks are easy to use and very handy.

My Log Home iLWP for the Android My Log Home iLWP for the Android My Log Home iLWP for the Android

My Log Home iLWP Features:

    • Realistic and next-gen graphic.
    • Automatic weather with seasons
    • 360° seamless and horizontal view around whole scene
    • Interactive items
    • Gyroscope and accelerometer
    • Several color modes such as black&white, sepia and more.
    • Lens flares
    • Vignette
    • Aberration
    • Hiding objects
    • Choice for selecting your national flag
    • Notepad on a wall where you can write short note.
    • Function calendar
    • Function digital and analog clocks
    • Place your images into the scene from your gallery
    • Can be used as a portrait or landscape
    • Smooth animations
    • 7 different camera views
    • 3 versions of textures for better optimization
    • Particles of dust, sparks, snow and other
    • Nice and realistic lighting with a glow

Get to your relaxing vacation spot every day, but still get stuff done, with a realistic and personal live wallpaper of your wooden castle.

Download the My Log Home iLWP app now!

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