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PhoneFlicks for the Android    

Tv, Movies all on the go! PhoneFlicks is the Android cousin of Netflix, with all the same features!

Watch your favorite shows without commercials, when and where you decide. Selections are categorized by genre, actors, or search by titles. This great app also gives you the option to add the selection to your instant queue. Or add it to your DVD queue, which will be sent to you via mailbox.

I enjoyed how easy it is to navigate and understand every option, there’s no room for error from start to finish. Download this amazing app now and receive one month free. And after the trial is over it is only a low price of $9.00 dollars a month for everything offered.

If you already have an account with Netflix, enter your existing account info and you can be watching movies on your mobile device, as soon as the download is complete. There are many ways to view movies and tv, on your mobile device. My favorite app is PhoneFlicks, pop in my earbuds and watch what I want wherever. I recommend this app to all the movie buffs and tv fanatics out there, never miss YOUR show again!

Download this great movie app today and take your entertainment with you!

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