Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

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Poweramp Full Version Unlocker for the Android  

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Music muscle for the Android!

Unlock the music potential of your Android with Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. Control your Playlist, Equalizer, Themes, Tags and Configurable Lock Screen from this easy-to-use app.

Music Player on Steroids!
Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format might all make Poweramp the best $3.99 you have ever spent in your life—1+ million users would agree to that.

If you have not already, try out the free full trial version. The trial version will give you 15 days of the full, uninterrupted, Poweramp experience. That means you get to experience your music like only Poweramp can offer.

If you need a few reasons why to buy the full version of Poweramp, here are two good reasons:
– Get all the future updates for free: Once you purchase Poweramp, all the future updates are free to you as long as you have the Unlocker.
– Have a dedicated music player: Poweramp is dedicated to being the best music player available, and we will never change from that. Poweramp is focus on doing nothing more than being a great music player.

Poweramp is your perfect music player.
Is one easy-to-use, player can read all file formats, excellent sound quality, advanced audio controls and great battery life.
Make playlists from tracks in different folders or from your entire music library. The powerful Equalizer has preset choices or configure your personal preferences.
Select Themes & Skins that blend with your devices appearance with ease.
Download album covers automatically and view and edit tags for songs.
Widgets are built-in and offer quick access and ease of use.
Built-in battery conservation, uses minimal battery life optimized for Android Devices, ensures more music.
Extra features include scrobbling, crossfade, dynamic qeuing, lyrics support, quick folder scanning, hardware triggers and configurable lock screen.

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker music app Poweramp Full Version Unlocker app for the Android Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker featrures:

   • Easy to Use
   • Supports all file formats
   • Excellent Sound Quality
   • Advanced Audio Controls
   • Minimal battery power – optimized for Smartphones and tablets
   • Playlists – tracks in different folders or entire library
   • Equalizer – Personal preferences or preset choices
   • Themes & Skins – blend the player to your devices appearance
   • Covers & Tags – Downloads automatically, view and edit
   • Widgets – Offer ease-of-use and quick access
   • Extra features –
      o Scrobbling
      o Crossfade
      o Dynamic queuing
      o Lyrics Support
      o Quick Folder Scanning
      o Hardware Triggers
      o Configurable Lock Screen

Unlock your Android’s music capabilities with all the features of the best music/audio app available.

Download the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker today!

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