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Winamp for the Android    

Now you can arrange your music with a progressive edge. The newest music management solution has arrived and it is slapping the pitch in the face!

Nullsoft Inc. has released the beta version which is working just fine for me and I would love to see the full application. Set up for a 2.1 or higher OS, it has a great, crisp display for an easy to navigate user interface. From the menu bar Play, skip forward, skip back. View your Queue (see what’s coming up next). Now playing displays the Title and Artist (pull up window to view more information). Home (returns to the home screen. Access the internet with a WiFi connection to use the SHOUT cast and listen to thousands of internet radio stations. With the internet connection you are able to sync to your desktop wirelessly.

The coolest addition to this environment has to the ease of importing from your iTunes library. Which I found to be the best feature, that saved time. I would like to see this option in every music app.

Download the best Android music management solution around!

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