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Chumkee for the iPad and iPhone     Chumkee - C-Vibes Ltd

Chumkee is social networkings, funky monkey!

I really should say fun-key to social networking, because it is a-lot of fun. With the ability of video conversations, to saving videos for others to watch, and stay connected and be social with your network with live updates.

Chumkee has one very cool and unique UI (user interface) your given the newest socializing media available. It’s very simple to figure out, with a post wall, of people from around the world to look through, when you see someone interesting, follow them and chat, or reply to images and videos.

Just the visual conversations, makes Chumkee an awesome app for socializing. Text a Reply, Like or make a video reply to any message. Take a photo, or video from the app and post it on the wall. When you’re following someone, you will get updates and you can see how many others like it, how many comments there are, the persons hashtag, comment, time of day and date and location. Then zoom in look at the photo or watch the video.

Sharing should be fun so have fun with how it’s shared. And C-Vibes created the perfect app for that.

Chumkee for the iPad and iPhoneChumkee for the iPad and iPhoneChumkee for the iPad and iPhone

Chumkee is our new favorite social networking app!

Install Chumkee, today, and I’ll see you on the wall!

Chumkee - C-Vibes Ltd

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