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The Daily Show for the iPad and iPhone     The Daily Show - MTV Networks

MTV Networks has created an app that gives you all access to John Stewart. That’s right now you can put the best fake TV news on your mobile device.

This is an iOS universal app that displays a custom user interface depending on your device.

Receive “Quote of the day”, watch the video, and flip through recent random quotes. Search Topics with selections of All, Popular, Segments, Guests and find everything you’re looking for. You can also peek into the future of upcoming shows and guests to send yourself a text alert before that episode airs. If you want to share a quote or video clip with a friend email it to them, if it should be shared with everyone put it into your Twitter feed.

If you like to tweet then you will love the Twitter streams from a bunch of show-related users and topics, plus an interface for participating from your own Twitter account.

Install your daily dose of John Stewart now and share the laughter!

The Daily Show - MTV Networks

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