Disney Movies Anywhere

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Disney Movies Anywhere for the iPad and iPhone

Disney Movies Anywhere

Watch Disney, Pixar and Marvel Movies within this app.

Pretty cool right?
For a year-or-so, developers have been able to sell things through an application without redirecting you to iTunes using the Apple Store Sheet. Previous in-app purchases would close that app and opens the iTunes store. Which was frustrating.
Everyone that has in-app purchased something or even tried knows what I am talking about.

Disney Movies Anywhere, not only lets you in-app purchase music and movies, NOW you can play iTunes purchases in-app, and even stream previously purchased Disney content without downloading it. If you would like to use the app offline make sure you download the content to your iDevice. You can even play media purchased in-app, on your computer, other iDevices or TV via AirPlay.

Since 2009, Disney has talked about purchasing media once and play anywhere technology known as KeyChest. KeyChest is their proprietary digital rights locker, similar to UltraViolet. The wait is over, well for iDevices for now.

If that’s not enough, there’s more!
You can take Disney Movies Anywhere, literally anywhere.
Watch your favorite Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies on the go. You can build your collection and choose between 400 videos with extra content and more to come.

Get new movies right from the app or redeem your Disney digital copies and access exclusive Disney content for free – original programming, never-before-seen videos and much more…
Download the app now and receive a digital copy of The Incredibles for FREE!

Every digital transaction will earn you Disney Movies Rewards points.

To get started the app will need to login with both Disney and iTunes accounts. After set-up the app should automatically sync your Disney flicks you’ve purchased through iTunes previously, as well as any Disney Movie Rewards digital copies you might have redeemed from Blue-ray or DVD purchases.

iTunes has a version of of the Store, that has all the functions of the app.

With all these great features experience more of your favorite Disney movies.

Disney Movies Anywhere for the iPad and iPhone

Disney Movies Anywhere for the iPad and iPhone

Disney Movies Anywhere for the iPad and iPhone

Disney Movies Anywhere features:

   • Watch Disney, Pixar and Marvel Movies and extra content anywhere
   • Play iTunes purchases in-app
   • 400 Movies with more to come
   • Featured, Browse, Discover, My Collection and More
   • Stream Disney content already purchased
   • Watch without downloading
   • Download movies to watch offline
   • Watch on your computer, any iDevice or your TV via AirPlay
   • Exclusive content – Original Programming, Never-Before-Seen, Behind-the-Scenes videos and Director Interviews
   • Earn Disney Movie Rewards points for every digital transaction
   • iTunes version of Store
   • Free movie – The Incredibles (Limited Time)

View My Collection easily from the menu selections at the bottom of the screen. Check out Featured and Coming Soon content on the Featured, Browse by Release date or Name, Discover more about your favorite flicks and More.

Install Disney Movies Anywhere today!

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