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Figure for the iPad and iPhone     Figure - Propellerhead Software AB


Figure is music magic!

A new version of Reason for the iPad – to rival Apple’s GarageBand for iOS.

Figure consists of three instruments; a drum machine, built on Reason’s Kong Drum Designer, and bass and lead synths, both powered by Thor Polyphonic Synthesizer.

Each is played by tapping or scrolling a finger across a ‘performance box’. The drum machine has four of these boxes (kick, snare, hats and a perc sound), while each synth has one larger box where notes can be played within pre-selected scales, with an adjustable range.

Moving between different areas on the X/Y axis of the performance boxes changes different parameters depending on which preset is being played. Holding down on the box triggers set, pre-sequenced rhythmical patterns, which you can changed by scrolling through the Rhythm Wheel just above the performance pads.

Flicking to the Tweaking tab along the bottom of the screen gives access to another performance box, which is used to tweak two pre-defined parameters of each preset.
Your track’s tempo, key and scale can be changed in the Song tab, and shuffle can be adjusted. Finally, in the Mix tab, each instrument can be muted and levels can be adjusted.
Sidechain compression can also be added with the Pump control, powered by Reason’s much-lauded master compressor.

Everything can be recorded and automated across a two-bar loop, while parts can easily be erased and rerecorded by holding down the pads with the Erase Mode engaged.

Figure for iPhone musicFigure app for the iPhone musicFigure

Figure features:

   • Make songs with Drums, Bass, and Lead Synth
   • Play Pad – touch controls
   • Always stay in key and on beat
   • No previous playing skills required
   • Tweak and twist your track on the fly
   • Bass & lead parts use Reason’s Thor synthesizer
   • Drums powered by Reason’s Kong drum machine
   • Play in different keys & modes – set once or change on the fly
   • Increase shuffle to loosen beats
   • Adjust levels
   • Save browse and load song files
   • Set length of loop (1,2,4,8 bars)
   • Export audio to iTunes File Sharing

Figure has an exceptionally well-designed, easy-to-use interface.

You might have had a love-hate relationship with ReBirth iOS, Propellerhead’s last venture into the app world. On the one hand, having all the features of the developer’s Roland-emulating ’90s classic at our fingertips was a huge retro treat.

Note: requires iPhone 4 or higher

Install the music-mixing master Figure!

Figure - Propellerhead Software AB

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