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Ghost Radar for the iPad and iPhone     Ghost Radar ® - Spud Pickles

Ghost Radar detects paranormal activity!

Using various sensors on the device, Ghost Radar picks up flux signals from the paranormal entities near. These sensors use traditional means of detection, like electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds. Old equipment is outdated and unreliable, that’s why with these traditional detection methods and new technical analysis of data, you end up with and advance radar system, for the unseen plain.

Listen to the spirits, read the words they’re saying in the word log. Watch as the Energy translator gives you readings on the radar and a numeric value in graphs. You can manage your word log and have reporting capabilities. Check out all the cool options in Advanced settings.

You can frighten your friends out of their shoes with this app. It’s been a-lot of fun for the Holiday season. It was the big hit in the line for a haunted house.

Ghost Radar for the iPad and iPhoneGhost Radar for the iPad and iPhoneGhost Radar for the iPad and iPhone

Check out these scary features:

   • Advanced UI
   • Energy translation to words
   • Energy translation to radar indicators
   • Energy translation to numeric values
   • Energy translation to graphis
   • Word logs
   • Word Log management
   • Advanced Settings options
   • Reporting capability
   • Spoken words
   • Multi-language support

Ghosts are all around us, try to communicate with them and see if they respond. It can’t hurt, right?

Download the best Ghost Radar out there!

Ghost Radar ® - Spud Pickles

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