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Mobi TV for the iPad and iPhone     MobiTV

This free app gives you television on your mobile device.

With Mobi Tv you can watch live channels or On Demand with choices of shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Rachel Zoe, Colbert Report, Mall Cops, Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, Fox News, Fox Sports, MSNBC news, Comedy Live, Melissa and Joey, Chaos and NCIS which upload in minutes.

Most of this app is simple and easy to navigate, it does have slow response time for options, so give it time to advance to the next screen. Children of all ages will love the sports, and Disney related shows. If there’s not enough for your liking download the full version or upgrade your Mobi Tv account.

Get your favorite shows wherever you are and watch them whenever you want.

Go download the Mobi Tv app today, and get to watching!

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