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Podcaster for the iPad and iPhone     Podcaster (Formerly RSS Player Podcast Client) - Alex Sokirynsky

Podcaster (Formerly RSS Player Client) from Alex Sokirynsky has come to kick some app!

With this updated app conveniently subscribe, download and play audio and video podcasts without syncing to a computer. Browse with the directory, backup and restore podcasts, and customize. Use the iPod remote to control playback, 2x playback speed, 10+ seconds skip button. Refresh all saved podcasts on schedule or with the push of one button, and receive high resolution video.

I loved the fast download speed of any size episode Edge or 3G. Background playback closes the app and still plays the podcast. And you can share your favorites with anyone via email.

The daily podcast listener, needs to download this app today!

Podcaster (Formerly RSS Player Podcast Client) - Alex Sokirynsky

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