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Now you’re linked-in to the local music scene!

With every bit of information at your fingertips, why not local music?

Timbre is bringing live local music to a mobile device near you!

With location-based band discovery you can find-out who’s playing near you.

Discover new music or find your favorite, either way you will love the convenience Timbre brings to the local music scene.
Listen to the bands’ music as you search through artists, and view the date and place of their upcoming show. You can share all of this with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you like what you hear, purchase the song from iTunes or get tickets to the show. That’s right you can buy your tickets to shows right in the app.

If you not rocking-out to the band you’re listening to just swipe your finger across the screen, to hear something new. Discover a new artist, genre of music and venues as you search locally or type in a location and find all the shows going on there.

I am sure you will find something that you will like as Timbre has a database of more than 65,000 artists and 75,000 venues.

On vacation, type in your destination and view the music scene. Going somewhere for business, you should enjoy your night and go see a show. Find the local music scene from New York City, to San Francisco.
Search for good local music wherever and whenever!

Timbre appTimbre music appTimbre local music discovery

Take a look at these features:

   • Location-based band discovery
   • Current location or Search
   • 65,000 artist and 75,000 venues
   • Bands upcoming show – Place and Date
   • Listen to music
   • Share on Facebook and Twitter
   • Purchase music
   • Purchase tickets

If you want to find the local scene, just want new music to listen too or just like music at-all, you need this app. Timbre delivers a unique view of the local music scene, so take-a-look!

Install Timbre today, and you’ll be rocking-out by tomorrow!

Timbre - Intrepid Pursuits

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