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BillGuard for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Do you have finance fatigue?

Then you need a banking boost with the BillGuard app. View all your account balances and charges in one place. Instant alerts will keep you informed about suspicious charges posted to your accounts.

Budget, Budget, Budget!
Track your spending, with the powerful spending meter to stay on budget. Receive all your charges in one Smart Inbox so you know exactly what you’re spending by category and get notified on new purchases.
Your Smart Inbox quickly displays your Spent amount for the month, Budget amount, A circular meter indicates your spending.

Protect your cards and bank info!
BillGuard has new BillGuard Data Breach Alerts that tell you when a hacker may have access to your cards. Get alerted right away when BillGuard identifies a sneaky charge. Confirm your purchases with a swipe as you receive notifications of new purchases.
If you see an unfair charge, contact the merchant for a refund with a tap.

Is my Bank and Credit Card supported?
BillGuard works with thousands of credit and bank accounts including Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Capital One, BB&T, SunTrust, American Express, Discover ad PayPal.
If you can’t find your account, email them at they will try to add it for you.

Banks already warn customers of fraud but only catches, 1/3 of fraudulent charges. The rest is up to us to catch, and BillGuard is here to help.

A secure connection!
BillGuard scans your transaction history from your Bank and Credit Cards with a secure read-only connection. For further security, select a passcode to open. No one can move money in app.
Ensure your data is kept private and secure with Bank-level security.

BillGuard BillGuard app for the Android, iPad and iPhone BillGuard for the Android, iPad and iPhone

BillGuard features:

   • Powerful spending meter and budgeting at a glance
   • Spending Categories
   • Smart Inbox – all your charges intelligently organized
   • Data Breach Alerts – be alerted of hackers accessing your cards
   • Fraudulent Alerts – Be alerted of suspicious charges
   • Refund button – Ask merchants for a refund
   • Real-time budgeting
   • Passcode to open
   • Read-only connections to Bank and Credit Cards – NO money moving
   • Bank-level security – ensures data is kept private

Track your spending, and protect yourself from fraud, data breaches and unwanted charges.

Download the BillGuard app today!

Android – Please look in Google Play

iPhone –

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