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Check – Bills & Money for the Android, iPad and iPhone   

Check – Bills & Money

Stay on top of your finances with 1 app!

Check – Bills & Money allows you to set-up the app once and proactively staying on top of your bills and monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place. When bills are due, and funds are low the app sends you notifications.

Keep your money in-check!
As soon as your app is securely connected to your accounts you can get reminders to pay bills, instantly send payments, schedule payments, see your accounts in a centralized place and receive alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near.

Finance made simple!
Check makes it easy to access the most important information. On the Homescreen view your Money, Bills and when there due, Credit Cards, Credit Guard. Revamped navigation makes it easier to access accounts, bills, reports and make payments.
With a Calendar – view schedule payments, past payments and add new payments.
With a Report – view your bills activity displayed in a bar graph.
With a Paid Stamp – Check Bill Pay Stamps Paid, on a Successful payment

2 NEW iPhone updates!
   • Express pay: Avoid late fees, pay your bill within a day (Service fee applies)
   • Direct Access: Make payments easier with direct access to your address book

Triple layered security ensures you’re safe and secure!
The Check app has 3 layers of security. Encryption, In-App Security & Remote Data Destruct and Real-Time Alerts to keep your information secure.
  1. Bank-Level Security: Armed with the same 128-bit encryption and physical security standards as your bank. The app is also verified and monitored by third party security experts such as TRUSTe, McAfee, Hacker Safe and Verisign.
  2. In-App Security & Remote Data Destruct: Safeguard app access with a 4-digit PIN, so only you can view your account. If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen, delete all your account information remotely.
  3. Real-Time Alerts: If the app notices any large purchases or unusual charges in your account, you’ll be notified immediately via real-time push messages and emails.

Note: Paying a bill with Credit/Debit Card and Express Payments include service fees.

Check – Bills & Money app for the Android, iPad and iPhone Check – Bills & Money finance app for the Android, iPad and iPhone Check – Bills & Money

Check – Bills & Money features:

   • Real-Time Banking
   • All-in-1-place Bank & Credit Card Accounts
   • Get Reminders when bills are due
   • Push Notifications, Reminders and Emails
   • Pay on the Spot or Schedule bill payments
   • Payments with Bank Account or Credit Card
   • 3 Layers of Security – Bank-Level, In-App Security & Remote Data Deconstruct, Real-Time Alerts
   • Calendar view
   • Reports
   • Direct Access – Access to your address book
   • Express Payments

All your Bank, Credit Card and Bills in one place, with you all the time – 24/7. Check – Bills & Money provides an easy way to avoid late fees and overdraft charges.
Get all this great functionality and have it secure?
You bet!

Install the secure finance app Check – Bills & Money now!

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