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TaxCaster Mobile for the Android, iPad and iPhone     TaxCaster Mobile - Intuit, Inc.

The tax deadline is near, Do you have your taxes done?

As you guessed it, there’s an app for that. That’s right, if you want to know if Uncle Sam is sending you a check, or holding his hand out, enter some information in to this application, and view a quick estimate.

TaxCaster Mobile is a free app created by Intuit Inc. the same folks that bring us the trusted TurboTax program. At anytime, anywhere view a quick estimate of your federal tax refund right on your mobile device.

This app estimates your refund with simple questions like, Are you married?, Head of Household?, your Age, and enter your Total Income. And the meter at the top of the screen will display the amount, and also give you a button with Details. The Details button, displays a break-down of the estimated Total Deductions, Total Exemptions, and the Taxable Income, Taxes, +AMT Tax, Credits, Withholdings, Other Tax Payments.

If you have all your tax information around quickly enter Other Income and Business Income if applicable, and enter your Deductions, Credits & Payments. All this information will be calculated accordingly in the estimate.

At the bottom of the screen there’s a link to the TurboTax recommendation that you can actually use to do your taxes.

Install this app now and get an estimate from Uncle Sam!

Android – In Google Play

iPhone, iPod and iPad –
TaxCaster Mobile - Intuit, Inc.

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