TransferWise Money Transfer

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TransferWise Money Transfer for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Transfer money to anyone!

Transfer currency to anyone abroad for the lowest fees, with TransferWise Money Transfer app!

Quickly and easily transfer money abroad at the lowest possible cost. With hidden charges form banks and unfair exchange rates. Now there’s a solution 90% cheaper than banks.

TransferWise Money Transfer provides a clear design and instructions for your peace of mind, along with simple communication on transfer process. Set the exact amount to send to the receiver with an easy personal verification experience.

Compare the rate of TransferWise and your banks exchange rate.
Without hidden fees and profit margins hidden in the exchange rate you can receive the lost rate possible with TransferWise Money Transfer app.
Easily declare the transaction with the ability to declare when you sent transferWise the money using a bank transfer.

Cancel transfers or delete unused recipients using a swipe gesture.

Earn extra money through the invite program!

Securely transfer money with the people who built Skype, who is trusted around the world and a secure Touch ID Login.

TransferWise Money Transfer app TransferWise Money Transfer TransferWise Money Transfer app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

TransferWise Money Transfer features:

    • Extended support to iPad
    • Quick & Secure Touch ID Login
    • Clearer design and instructions for your peace of mind
    • Simpler communication on transfer progress
    • Set exactly how much the receiver get
    • Earn money through our invite program
    • Cancel transfers using swipe gesture
    • Delete unused recipients using swipe gesture
    • Easy personal verification experience
    • Ability to declare when you sent TransferWise the money using a bank transfer
    • iOS 8 blur effect

Use the best way to send money to friends family and loved ones abroad with TransferWise!

Download the TransferWise Money Transfer app today!

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