Bump Pay

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Bump Pay for the iPad and iPhone     Bump Pay - Bump Technologies, Inc.

Bump Pay

Simply bump together iDevices to pay anyone with Bump Pay!

4 Steps – Quick, Easy and Secure!
Stop writing checks and dealing with cash, with Bump Pay, you can send and receive money to anyone. There’s No Setup required as it uses your PayPal account, so you know it’s Secure. It’s very easy to use and pretty cool.

The 4 Steps: Open App. Enter PayPal Password. Enter Amount. Bump Devices.

As I mentioned you need a PayPal account to use along with this Bump Pay. If that’s good or bad for you, I have to say, it does feel secure. I am not very familiar with PayPal as I had recently created an account for business purposes.

I had transferred $50.00 in to my account to review the app and liked how it was easy to track and manage the money I had in the account.
You can also transfer money directly to any account you have already bumped. Or send the Recipient an email.

Need to collect money? Send a Request!
To inform or remind the person you need to collect from, send a request. Enter amount and send a request via email, or anyone that you have bump will send a request directly to their account.

Bump PayBump Pay app for the iPad and iPhoneBump Pay app

Manage your money easily, with Bump Pay!
Review your account, in US dollars, and EUR. First you’re given your account Balance, or view History, Withdraws, Create PIN or Access your PayPal account.
Review any transactions to others or your PayPal account.

Bump Pay helps with everyday tasks!
Set Reminder, Collect Money, Split Checks, Bump Phones all with Bump Pay.
I had used the split check which made it easy to divide the check amount between three persons.
Set a Reminder for sending someone money. Or say you know you need money to save for a specific reason. I set a Reminder for me to save $30.00.

Download Bump Pay, send and receive money easily, quickly in a bump!

Bump Pay - Bump Technologies, Inc.

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